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Why buy this UI Kit?

UI kits are fairly common place these days. Theres a huge range of kits that all offer variations of the same few mobile and dashboard mockups. These can be good if you're just doing pitches and minor conceptualising.

When you need to able able to deliver high quality projects at scale, and provide documentation and design systems, the choices become limited. UI kits can save you hundreds of honours of repetitive system and component management work. If you spend a lot of your time recreating old components, or feel like you could shave of hours of your projects, then this kit is for you.

Working in SaaS can be challenging as UX and UI expectations and performance standards for apps and software is increasing. Clients expect AAA quality work and want it now. After using a few other kits and working with dozens of product systems, we noticed a deficit in kits targeted at enterprise level.

The kits we used didnt cover enough components or lacked a quality high enough to be incorporated into project work. So we wanted to build a kit that was not only flexible, but offered unmatched quality. The same quality that can be found in the largest software and apps in market today.

Stratis UI was created to solve this problem, to provide enterprise level SaaS product components that were development ready as well as everything you would need to work in product design today. Our kit can be used in as many projects as you like and was designed to allow maximum application and neutrality to afford for bespoke branding.

How much does Figma cost?

Figma's has a range of different plans but does offer a Starter plan thats 100% free for individuals. If you want to use features such as team libraries, custom work spaces, projects, branches and much more, you will need a professional plan. You can find the details here.

Figma also offers all the paid features for free to students and educators, to find out more about this you can learn more at Fimga Education.

Can i use this for more than one project?

Definitely! You can use Stratis UI for an unlimited amount of projects or client work. If you have any concerns about what you can do, please read our License Agreement before purchasing.

Can i use this for professional projects?

Absolutely! That is the intended purpose. You can use this kit to create as many apps, websites and projects as you want or need. There are no limits on how many times you can use this kit with your clients.

The only thing youre not allowed to do is use resources found in this kit, or the kit itself to create another competing UI kit. Whether its in Figma or not, you cannot do this. If you want to know more please consult our licensing agreement.

Can i use this to make and sell my own product.

No you cannot. This is strictly prohibited and would constitute copyright infringement and theft. You are not allowed to recycle or reuse components found in this kit for templates or other competing UI kits or resources. Consult our our License Agreement before purchasing if you have any other licensing questions.

Is there an affiliate program?

We are planning on making our kit available to be sold by affiliates through gumroads affiliate program as soon as we have completed our initial launch stage. We expect affiliates to be paid 35% of sales referred and converted.

Is there going to be more content added?

Yes of course! Right now our main priority is to get an initial version out that covers the majority of ground that a designer would need whilst working professionally. We will be adding more content as soon as we are able and depending on the level of engagement that could be soon or a bit later. We will be sure to make any announcement or product updates on our changelog page.

Do i need to be good at using Figma?

Our design system has been created to make sure that every designer can use it. There are some Figma specific features that we take advantage of to d features, including  nested components, variants, Auto Layout 4.0, and the new component properties.

To make sure that you feel confident in your purchase, try our free version to see if you can easily navigate Figma and read some of the articles in Figma's Help Center for tutorials on features and updates.

How do i apply updates?

Depending on how your files are setup, as well as how youre using them with your projects there are the following ways.

  1. Figma has feature called library swap. See how it works here. We recommend making a backup copy before you commit to any swaps.
  2. If you dont want all the updates and just a few, you can copy and paste the new files into your current system document and apply the relevant styles to the components.
  3. The easiest way to get the updates is to just download the latest version of the file, this is better suited foe projects jus starting as it limits any detachments or breaks.
How do i get the updates?

When we make update, we’ll send you an email detailing what additions have been made and new and post it in our changelog. If you want to download the new files you can either:

Is there an education discount?

We were all students once, so we know it can be risky to spend money on assets and resources when you're just starting out. If you send your valid educational credentials/proof of student status to, we can offer a 50% discount.

Do you offer refunds?

We want to make sure that everyone is satisfied with our product and feel like they got their moneys worth. So if you have any technical issues with the file, contact us at within 30-days and we'll issue a full refund.

We will not offer refunds if you purchased the product and simply dont like it. You can preview the pro version as will as download our free version of Stratis UI before making a purchase to make sure its the right kit for you.

Just to be clear, once a refund has been submitted you will no longer be able to use Stratis UI in any projects. This includes personal and non-commercial projects. For more detail you can can read our refund policy in the license agreement here.

I purchased a PRO license, can i upgrade?

We would be happy to offer you a discount and upgrade you based on your original license. Just send us an email here at