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Product design in 2022 is very different than it was 10 years ago. The expectations on designers to deliver pixel perfect designs is only increasing. With user preferences becoming more sophisticated and a desire for a seamless and unobstructed experience is now paramount. As a product designer, you need to be able to deliver high quality assets quickly and well documented for developers to implement. Its not longer as simple as just providing high-fidelity mock ups and art-board with finalised UI, products are now comprised of thousands of independent elements that all assemble into a refined experience. Which means you need to able to reuse and create scalable systems to deliver effectively. This means you need a library of UI components, visual assets, responsive templates, brand guidelines, design styles and tokens as well as all other elements to be able to deliver quality.

So quite often its easy to gloss over the amount of time and energy spent on creating design systems and UI kits because so much of the value is hidden in the documentation and the arrangement of the library. It cannot just be well executed visual designs as experience will always triumph over aesthetics alone. Designs must follow patterns, have style guidelines, be intuitive, and provide a unique and engaging visual experience. This is quite a challenging list of demands to meet, and double so when your project is time sensitive, which most of them.

So due to the ever increasing demand on scalable systems that are high quality and can be implemented quickly, so have the tools and resources available to be used to help provide that higher level of product. This has come in the form of UI kit and design systems. These have always been around in a sense, but now they are publicly available and easily shared and collaborated with. These resources can help craft any digital product from simple one page websites to complete multi-faceted enterprise suites of products and everything in-between. No matter what the need is, there is a resource out there that can help you.

UI kits and design systems are now a staple in any designers product arsenal, as they allow you to rapidly move through a lot of repetitive foundational work and get straight into solving the unique product specific problem you have been given. Figma UI kits give you an edge, and in this industry and edge is what you need to deliver excellent experiences, so start crafting engaging, professional and beautiful experiences by adopting a UI kit, you wont look back once you do.

Whats in a UI Kit?

So what exactly is a UI kit and whats included in one? A UI kit, or user interface kit, is a collection of assets that contains a set of design elements such as UI components and styles. UI components are elements that convey meaning and provide functionality to users. Some examples of UI components are input forms, widgets, and navigation menus. UI kits are all the building blocks you need to assemble into a finished product thats ready to be built. They can act like schematics in a sense and provide a unilateral source of truth for all those involved in the design to refer to.

UI kits can help improve your creative process and design workflow in a number of different ways, they can:

  • Speed up the design process. UI kits simplify the task of finding a solution to a design problem. Designers can rely on ready-to-use UI elements from the kit instead of creating new ones from scratch.
  • Build consistently. The design elements from a UI kit have a consistency that can be hard to achieve when combining elements from different libraries or ones you’ve created from scratch. UI kits can become a foundation for the design system and a single source of truth for designers.
  • Master your design skills. UI kits give designers an opportunity to inspect each component and learn how to build the same component yourself. They also help you understand how to optimise each component based on its application and product needs.

You might be asking yourself, do i really need a kit to make great designs? The answer is no, however, making great designs in isolation is not the same as providing development ready solutions for projects that serve millions of users. You have to be able to make system wide changes in a moment to keep up with the business needs and that means not spending 2 weeks going through assets to change one color. Kits are invaluable not matter what the project type is, they save you significant amounts of time, and we all want to spend as much time doing what we like and not unrewarding admin that doesn't help our craft.

Time is the only commodity worth earning so choose the tools that help you keep as much as you can

There are a lot of great UI kits available, ranging from simple, bare-bones kits to comprehensive, all-inclusive kits. It might not be obvious where to search for a kit. So we have put together a list of the highest quality kits you can buy today and some of theirt stand out features!

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1. Stratis UI - Free version or $99

Well we couldn't help but put our own foot forward for this one. Stratis UI is one of the largest UI kits and design systems ever built and covers a huge range of professional application. Its built using the latest proprietary Figma features such as Auto-layout 4.0, variants, interactions, component properties and much more. Its a kit that can be used to build anything from single pages websites to enterprise apps all with accessibility in mind.

Stratis UI was created to offer a more white-labeled experience for users who are looking to build apps at scale and insert bespoke branding. Our kit is built to be able to manage very dense data driven applications that focus on content management over excessive visual flair. It can be used to create anything from landing pages to intricate and complex SaaS products and ensure that every function and feature of your app stands out.

Stratis UI is its its early stages as its only released in the past week, but already the team has a roadmap of useful features and resources to be added in over the coming months. Our team is always making sure to build components and assets that are in line with  Figma's latest feature offerings such as component properties announced at Config 2022.

We have also provided a Free version of the kit for users to test out to see what elements they think will be useful and to get more familiar with the overall layout and structure of the document. You can preview the Pro version of the kit here, and heres a quick video that shows some of the features and abilities of the kit.

We have devoted a lot of time to our product as we felt that there was only one other UI kit available on the market today that covers enough ground to be considered a full-stack resource that can provide the framework for any build. We made sure that out system was of the highest quality, the largest we could make it (before it become difficult to manage) and as versatile as possible. Our system has 5000+ components carefully built and optimised to reduce system bloat, no more senseless variants and redundant copies. We have hundreds of web templates and 350+ global color and typographic styles. You cant go wrong with Stratis UI, but theres always room for more, and variety is a good thing for product innovation, so here are the rest of out recommendations.


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2. Untitled UI - Free version or $109
The ultimate UI kit and design system for Figma

It needs no introduction. Untitled UI is the biggest UI kit and design system you can buy on the internet currently. It was crafted by Jordan Hughes, an Australian kinsmen of mine who has elevated the bar on product design resources to the top. He has built a massive library of components and assets that begs belief at some point.

As well as the sheer scale of the library, Jordan has gone to extreme lengths in his levels of documentation. Not only is his library filled with useful tips and guidance on how to make the most of it, its also a very solid introduction into some of the foundational functions and applications of Figma. Jordan has a very active Figma Community profile where he has posted a range of files for users to clone for FREE. Hes has been very generous with the amount of content he gives away as well as providing insights and advice professional to many designers.

Dont just take it from us, listen to thousands of people that 5-star reviews making it one of the most popular and highest-rated Figma UI kit on the internet.


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3. Orchestra - $89
Flexible, Interactive and Built to Scale with Your Needs.

Orchestra is a fantastic design system built by a design agency called Everest. This system is a minimalist, and very elegant looking library that has a wide range of components that can be used.

When you first look at Orchestra you wont see a huge amount of components, thats due tp the fact that this library has been very carefully built to reduce system bloat and redundant variants. Just by looking at the system you get the impression of an Apple style product, its high contrast UI blue and black color palette combined with a monochromatic palette for all other elements makes this system perfect for large scale projects where dense amounts of data need to be displayed

This kit is complimented by its dual themes. Not all kits offer dark mode and a lot of the time the dark mode has not been well balanced. Thats not the case for Orchestra, their dark mode is as enchanting as the light and feels right at home next to apps like linear.

The team at orchestra updates their library when hey can and have some other products planned for release. So if youre building a tech centric, or finance centric application, this is a great system to use.


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4. UI Prep - $79
Loved and trusted by 100,000+ design teams, contractors, and students

Following closely behind Orchestra is UI Prep, a Figma UI kit and design system created by Molly Hellmuth and Jake Tsacudakis.

UI Prep is great system to hit the ground running and dont have much time to waste. It leverages Figmas Auto-layout, variants and interactive properties. Its very clear and concise when presenting each component.

The team at UI prep are very interactive and engage with their customers a lot to help improve the quality of the kit and resolve any issues. They've done this in combination to several quick start video tutorials that can help new users understand how to make the most of the kit. They are also planning to expand the kit and have been adding updates like the dark mode and interactive components.

UI Prep is quick way for new uses to get accustomed to building interfaces fast. The system isnt as large as some others listed but you'll take advantage of most of whats on offer.


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5. Ant for Figma - $99
Trusted by over 4,000+ solopreneurs and teams

Any for Figma has been created after seeing success from the oringinal React UI library of the same name by designer Matt Wierzbicki. This kit can br purchases as either a Figma only resource or in combination with their React native library as well as a few other UX tools.

The basic level of Ant provides lifetime updates for the license but doesn't include mobile, charts or their UX Figma tools. This library would be very handy for a developer that needs to assemble assets before implementing, as the components are a carbon copy of the React library, this would be very handy to achieve design parity with the development library.

Ant Design System has also been made for Adobe XD and they have a free demo version available to download and explore


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6. Disy Design System - $48 per user

Disy is one of the most elegant and beautiful Figma UI kits on the market currently. It was created by  French designer, Yoan Almeida. Disy boasts a minimal yeah alluring design system that can turn your boring data into pockets of potential.

Its not the grandest library and doesnt boast the most features, but every component has been created with the utmost care, and it really looks great, especially the tables and charts. Its not going to cover all your needs but could be a great place to start building a minimal application that focuses on data consolidations.

Disy comes with 280+ icons, 500+ basic components with Auto Layout, color styles and some examples to get started, dont overlook this hidden gem.


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7. Cabana for Figma - $69 per user
A (much) faster workflow in Figma awaits...

Cabana is  a Premium Design System that is powered by Design Tokens (Ultimate Edition), which are the future of Design Systems, and make Cabana much more than just a glorified UI Kit.

The Ultimate Edition of Cabana was created in close collaboration with Jan Six the creator of the highly respected Figma Tokens plugin. The system boasts a library of 1000+ components and design blocks so you can create products fast.

Cabana has a "Standard" license thats starte from $69, but doesn't include their design tokens feature that is included in their $149 option. Cabana is a good way to build your dark mode inspired products quickly, if dark themes and moods are what youer after then this could be the kit for you. iOS 16 UI Kit for Figma


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8. iOS 16 UI Kit for Figma

Figma Community - FREE
Each component has been created with the latest version of Auto Layout, supports Component Properties, variants, Light and Dark Mode, and more...

What best of list wouldn't be completed without some freebies. One such invaluable freebie as an unofficial iOS 16 UI kit created by Joey Banks, who has been very generous and released the kit free to the Figma Community.

This file contains hundreds of components, templates, demos, and everything else needed to help you start designing for iOS. Each component has been created with the latest version of Auto Layout, supports Component Properties, variants, Light and Dark Mode, and much more.

Joey has put out several iOS kits over the years and we personally have used them a number of times, this kits are a must have when mocking in iOS related apps shots. Since its a free kit, it would be nice if you could support Joey by buying the kit for $49. It helps support him create more resources and updates.


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9. Flowbite design system - $149 per design user
Loved by freelancers and companies all across the globe.

FlowBite is a Figma UI kit created by Themesberg. It has been derived and designed based on Tailwind CSS, an open source CSS framework.

FlowBite is a large library that divides its assets across mobile, web and tablet with mobile being the leading number of components and resources. It has a full fleshed out dark mode as well as components utilising Auto-layout and components properties.

They have a roadmap will plants to build out ecommerce specific UI components in the future as well build them for tailwind. This kit could be good if you're familiar with tailwind and like their aesthetic, its a large library with lots of useful components and some strong marketing web templates.


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10. Pegasus Design System - $99 per user
Save countless hours with production level pixel-perfect consistency.

Pegasus Design System is a popular multi-purpose UI kit used by Harvard university amongst others that comes in both light and dark mode. Thsi kit is a very stylised library and is suited better for projects that want to have string branding themes throughout their product.

Pegasus has h more than 2,000 components, 100+ styles, and 84 page examples to get you started. The team has also made an Adobe XD version as well as a lite version of their kit. The lite version doesnt include the same features as the paid and there doesn't seem to be a lot of activity on that one so the paid version is a safer option.


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11. Landify V2 - $69 per user
Design your landing page with less time without restricting creative freedom. Combine the pre-built blocks, customize everything you want, switch components on the go using recent Figma features.

Landify is a landing page UI kit for Figma consisting designed by Aravind Little Jack. This kit is specifically targeting website design and allows users to assemble marketing landing pages in minutes.

The kit is comprsed of more than 170 website blocks as well as 500+ components, icons, color styles, and sample pages. The kit has been optimsied to function at multiple breakpoints from mobile up to desktop.

Its an easy to navigate kit thats well documented and is very clear in its intentions for users. This is a website buulder only and has been optimised as such to make the process of creating landing pages fluid and intuituve. Landify also has a free version that you can check on on the Figma Community.


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12. Figit $15pm or $79 lifetime access
Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use Figit’s blueprints as a base for your designs with the power of adding auto-layout in your arsenal.

Figit is a Figma plugin that revolves around the world of auto-layout and makes it easier to create production-ready designs in record time. The plugin is native to Figma and allows users to drop in pre-made components without having to navigate to the page to find them and copy them from their source.

The kit has a library of over 1000 UI elements from three categories of Web Application, Ecommerce, and Marketing UI Kits. This is broken into two groups called The Low Fidelity blueprints and High Fidelity UI Elements:

The Low Fidelity components can be used as a base to achieve the end results faster. Forget about sitting for hours wondering about where to start from and what the layout should look like With blueprints, you don’t need to invent the wheel from scratch—just select a layout that is close to your needs and then adapt from there. The Hi-Fi UI Elements follow a standard design system that you can use to build landing pages, dashboards, and other quick concepts. If you don’t want to start from scratch and want something ready-made that you can modify, Hi-Fi elements will be your go to.


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13. Shipfaster - $90 per license
Build world-class and responsive UI out of the box

Shipfaster UI is Figma UI kit launched in 2022. It's part the designerships catalog of products that include courses and other Figma resources..

Ship fast has taken advantage of some Free assets on the Figma community page and repurposed them into their own kit that has been customised to be more broad strokes. The kit contains over 6000+ components, 2800+ images and media resources, as well color styles and examples. This kit is target more towards beginners and first time users which is linked to their Figma course. They have primarily desktop based content and a lot of the kit is aimed ast marketing content.

The kit offers lifetime updates and is a good foundation to start using Figma. One note should be that they don not offer refunds, which might be a decision breaker for some but you can preview the UI kit via their website.


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14. Lo-Fi Wireframing Kit

Figma Community - Free
A robust library of over 100 wireframing components that helps you explore more ideas, faster!

Another great free resource is the Lo-fi Wireframing Kit created by designer David Whitely. Dave has already has experience creating several other wire-framing kits and resources but has decided to combine them only into one solid library.

The kit contains over 100 components, including buttons, images, tabs, and text fields. The library is update regularly to add more wire-frame specific components and tools and uses 200 free Feather icons to help provide some extra details for your flows.

This is a great resource for initial customer journeys and UX flows where you are trying to develop the architecture of your product. Wireframes are a must for some clients to dont miss out on project work and get this free kit today. The kit is completely free but if you could help support David out it would be he could spend more time creating resources.


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15. iOS 15 UI Kit

Figma Community - Free
Months of fun, nerdy, creating went into this and every component has been recreated and refactored to now work even better with Figma's Variants and updated Auto Layout features.

Another free kit is the iOS 15 UI created by Joey Banks. Just like his iOS 16 UI Kit for Figma above, this UI kit is available for free on Figma Community. So if youre working with a range of devices and iOS versions for your designs, this is a very reliable and accurate resource, the library has also been updated to take advantage of Figmas latest features so it can work seamlessly within your projects.


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16. Tetrisly Figma UI Kit - $58 per user
Tested and still improving file’s organization system. Speed up your workflow and improve skills to create a UI component library and design system.

Tetrisly is a UI design kit for Figma. It has been built in a very atomised way to help designers easily scale up their projects without too much management. The kit contains more than  2,500+ components, 55 color styles, and 700+ icons.

The kit has been designed for Figma as well as a library for sketch for those who havnt migrated across to Figma yet or still have clients in the Sketch ecosystem. The kit also contains a dark mode for their UI which is a nice addition to a solid kit that can be used for many SaaS based products. You can preview their kit on Figma through their website


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17. Material Design 2 UI Kit - $50 for Pro
Starter Kit for your Figma Material UI Design project

Material Design 2 UI Kit is a design kit based on Google's Material design system. Material design is probably one of the most used systems as it its free from google and contains massive library of both design and development assets. This kit has been put together so you can quickly put together Android and Material based apps.

This kit has both a free version and a paid pro version. The free version gives tou 130+ components plus the text and color styles 100% based on Material design guidelines. If you do intend to use it commercially you can purchase the Pro version which includes 350+ advanced components, auto-layout features and prototypes as well as offering free lifetime updates.


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18. Venus Design System - $99 per license
Create & Design what you want with more than 2000+ components states, global styles & branding elements.

Venus is a Figma UI kit and design system created by Simmmple. It's a stylised UI kit that takes focuses on visual flair and very clear action statements. The kit contains more than 2,000+ common UI and UX components, 1,400+ material design icons which is great if you're developing projects for android. The kit offers lifetime and monthly updates to be sure to check your Figma resource file regularly to make sure that you're taking advantage of all the updates.


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19. Nucleus UI Design system - Free
Nucleus is a free UI component library and UI kit that provides you the building blocks you need to design your next mobile app.

Free kits make the world a better place, and Nucleus UI iOS kit as another great resource for those who are building iOS apps. The kit was co-created by three designers, Thomas Budiman, Juinal William, and Salmun Barnabas.

Like with most iOS kits and resources, this library was built adhering to the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. That is a set of UX principles that dictate how certain visual cues and elements should be used. The UI kit contains over 350+ components, and 36 examples screens to get you started on your iOS journey.

Nucleus also has an online store where you can purchase additional mobile kits for around $19 dollars that are industry specific, so if you have any pressing needs, check that out. Nucleus is also available for Sketch and Adobe XD which costs a cup of coffee.


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20. Quickr Design System - Free or $29
Download Quickr Design System and Start Designing Your Product Solution for the Users in Less than a Few Hours.

Quickr is a Figma UI kit and design system that has been featured on Product hunt. The kit offers 2000+ atomised symbols & components with different categories & variants.

Quickr is a versatile source of pre-configured components & symbols, which allows creating the Interface for any application quickly. The components are very contemporary and have been carefully created taking advantage of Figmas Auto-layout feature.

The kit offers free lifetime updates and well as the commercial license for only $29. This ia a great resource that has very elegant looking components that can save you hours of work.


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21. Stratum UI Design Kit - $68 per license
Quickly create top-notch UI design the product deserves

Stratum or Stratis? that is the question. But seriously its seems lots of people to to Googles Latin translate when trying to find product names. Stratum UI Design kit is a very large and comprehensive Figma UI kit created by Denis Danilov. The kit consists of over 9,000+ components and variants, 70+ changeable controls, 250_ icons and 27 illustrations.

Stratum UI Design kit is a well documented library that contains plenty of instruction and guidance for users to leverage the components to the maximum. Stratum is a very clean and data driven kit which packs a lot of UI elements and UX nuance into each page, one glance and you wouldn't be able to tell if its a mockup or a real interface. The paid version offer free lifetime updates which is great if you like the style of this kit.


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22. Module UI Kit - $58 per license
Build, prototype and customize any design. Neat and simple, just in minutes

Module UI kit and design system as a very minimalist and clean design library for Figma. It is built using a 4px baseline grid and is atomised for easy implementation. Just by looking at the kit you can see the care put in when crafting. It leverages all of Figmas current features such as auto Layout. The kit also 2000+ components and variants as well as color styles, icons, responsive sizes for components, and a consistent spacing system based on a 4px baseline grid.

You can preview the Figma file by navigating to their website and accessing through there. The Module team also have tutorial videos and support if you get stuck. They dont offer lifetime updates unless you pay and extra $40 bringing the total to $98, so if you want to get the updates it could be worth the extra.


Know about a system we missed?

There are so many UI kits and design systems being released every other day now and its hard to keep up with whats the latest and greatest. We tried to list what we considered the best resources out there on balance but understand that sometimes kits are a bit to niche to make a list like this.

If you know of any new Figma UI kit or design systems that will be realised or are releasing one yourself  and would like to include to be included on this list, get in touch with us as we would love to have a look and then add it.